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Stillman Digital Liquidity Provider

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Who We Are

Stillman Digital is a global technology and digital asset liquidity provider with headquarters in the United States, Canada, and Bermuda.

We provide the liquidity expertise, settlement rails and technology solutions for our counterparties to participate in the digital asset market in a regulated and compliant manner.

Stillman executed over $1B in client requests in the first year of operations.

What We Do

We offer our clients a hands on or hands off trading experience. Whether your preference is do it yourself trading or prefer the full trade cycle be managed by a Stillman associate, you can expect your needs are put first.

We build custom liquidity profiles unique to each client and manage these within the Stillman platform. Our in-house solution allows us to maintain full control over the price discovery, trade execution, and settlement times our clients ultimately need.

As a US-based compliant corporation, Stillman is regulated federally as a money service business (MSB) by FinCEN, and complies with local State regulators.

Stillman Digital Trade Crypto

The Stillman Experience

Stillman Digital 24/7 Liquidity

24/7 Liquidity

We offer 100% uptime through our automated trading & settlement system and global communication team.

Stillman Digital Deep Liquidity

Deep Liquidity

Our diversified network of liquidity providers ensure we have the capacity to execute large trades with the least amount of slippage.

Stillman Digital Self Custody

Self Custody

Not your keys, not your coins. We deliver digital assets directly to your whitelisted address.


Our pricing is all-in, ensuring the quote our clients get is the price our clients pay. We do not charge any hidden fees.

Stillman Digital Cryptocurrency

Speed of Settlement

We provide immediate settlement by leveraging strategic banking partners and our automated settlement infrastructure for crypto.


Our technology consists of a client user-interface and API capabilities for automated trading.

Our Team

Stillman Digital Jonathon Milks

Jonathon Milks

Co-Founder & President

Stillman Digital Jack West

Jack West

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Stillman Digital Luca Dumitru

Luca Dumitru

Co-Founder & VP of Middle Office

Muhammad Darr

Chief Compliance Officer

Stillman Digital Caleb Weinberger

Caleb Weinberger

Operations Associate

Michael Blumel

Sales & Trading Associate

Kyle Miller

Sales & Trading Analyst

Nikita Tolstunov

Senior Backend Engineer

Execution As a Service

  • A personalized trading experience for corporations and HNW clients through chat, phone and API

  • Custom designed liquidity solutions available for challenging trades and less liquid assets

  • TWAP + VWAP execution services and algorithmic trading

  • Market data, order reports, and deposit/withdrawal history delivered as requested

Stillman Digital Execution As a Service

Do It Yourself Execution

  • DIY trading experience through Stillman GUI

  • Book trades manually or by API call

  • Build your own liquidity profile by selecting assets & pairings from user interface

  • Deposit, withdraw and trade crypto + fiat all from one screen

Stillman Digital Liquidity Provider

Technology Infrastructure

Full Trade Lifescycle

The Stillman platform supports price discovery, trade execution, settlement, and back-office reconciliation ensuring a seamless client experience.


Co-located in the NY4 and LD4 Equinix Data Center assuring clients high throughput and low latency.


Fully automated trading and settlement available through FIX, WebSocket and REST APIs


Real-time security monitoring and multi-layer MPC-based technology to ensure asset security.

Who We Service

Stillman Digital Web3

Web 3 Corporations

Stillman Digitial Trading Firms

Trading Firms and Exchanges

Stillman Digital Digital Asset Miners

Digital Asset Miners

Stillman Digital Family Offices and Hedge Funds

Family Offices & Hedge Funds

Stillman Digital Point of Sale

Point of Sale Networks

Stillman Digital High Net Worth

High-Net-Worth Individuals