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Trading Options

Once you have opened an account, please contact your Stillman rep to begin trading.

Execution as a Service

Message us through your dedicated communication channels anytime.

DIY Execution

Trade on the platform GUI or automated through FIX, Websocket, or REST APIs.

Onboarding Process

1. Complete your Account Application

Fill out your account information and upload the required Know-Your-Customer (KYC) documentation using the "Open an account" button to get started.

2. Complete your Purchase and Sale Agreement

All prospective clients must read and sign the Stillman Purchase and Sale Agreement, which is a terms of use document required to open a trading account. This form is available at the end of the "Open an account" process.

3. Compliance Approval

Once you have completed the forms and submitted all of the required Know-Your-Business (KYB) and KYC documentation, there may be supplemental information requested from our compliance team. Our typical response time is within 24 hours of a complete application. We will contact you over phone or email if additional information is required.

4. Fund your Account & Begin Trading

Once approved, we will reach out to set up a kickoff call to discuss the process for funding your account and executing your first trade.